Up-cycled pallet wood tea light holder

up-cycled pallet wood tea light holder

I had acquired an old pallet from a friend and thought I would be able to make a planter or something similar from the wood but I struggled to get the pallet apart so I resorted to cutting it up with a chainsaw which while extremely satisfying left me with short pieces of wood that were too small to do much with. I had thought about making bird boxes but having started making tea light holders a few weeks before I wondered if these boards could be turned into tea light holders.


It also gave me a chance to use some new Fiddes wax I purchased. It was the Jacobean colour which I had bought on a whim having only looked at the Fiddes website to see that it was pretty dark. I wasn’t expecting much and for some reason I neither sanded nor used sanding sealer on this piece of wood. I think I was after a much more rustic look and feel and I was really surprised as I put the wax on. The wood soaked up a lot of wax, much more than if I had used sealer but it really got into the grain and I used a little of the light wax to remove the Jacobean in places to give some variation and I was really pleased with the result.


It holds 7 tea lights and would look great in a country cottage as the centrepiece of a dining room table. Here are some more images of it.