Solid yew clock

solid yew clock

This clock was made from a tiny piece of yew that came from a massive piece I was lucky enough to purchase a from a friend a few years ago. The small piece was an odd shape and I had initially thought about cutting a couple of large holes in the piece and fitting in a clock insert and a barometer insert but I couldn’t find a barometer insert that I liked.

One day I spotted a clock that was made from pallet wood and had a simple plastic clock mechanism with just the spindle post poking through. I thought that this would be ideal and found a supplier that sold clock mechanisms with a variety of clock hands. I ran the lump of yew through the bandsaw to create five near identical slices that I could turn into clocks. Both sides were sanded smooth and then coated with Liberon sanding sealer and after this had dried I rubbed it back and applied a couple of coats of Fiddes Superior Wax and buffed this to a satin sheen. A simple hole drilled through the middle allowed me to mount the sweeping clock mechanism.

Wind the clock forward (I’m really sorry) and I now have four of these near identical clocks available (one has already sold) on my Etsy shop. There is a choice of gold or black hands available and both side of the wood have been finished so the faces are reversible.