Up-cycled tea light holder

Up-cycled tea light holder

I acquired some old fence posts from a friend and initially though I might use them as stands for bird tables but something clicked when I ran the old grey wood through the thickness planer to clean it off.

The wood looked beautiful.

So I set about a new idea. Candle holders, in particular tealight holders.


You can get these lovely metal inserts from a company in Germany (Bütic GmbH) which fit into a 42mm hole and hold the 40mm tea lights comfortably. I just so happened to have a 42mm forstner bit in a set and this soon cut the required holes. Some sanding and a couple of coats of Liberon sanding sealer and a couple of coast of Fiddes Supreme wax and this was the result.


If you like them check out my Etsy shop, there are still a few available.